• July 25, 2019. Release 18.1.8. This is a bug fix and cleanup release. Last release with significant new features is 18.1.6. At 18.1.8, the executables built with the Intel Fortran compiler now use the instruction dispatch feature. During WARP3D execution on specific computer hardware, the fastest instructions available on the processor(s) are used automatically. This eliminates the need to support multiple executables to support older processors. The minimum instruction set is Ivy Bridge which appeared in Intel processors in 2012.

    The gfortran executables use -march=ivybridge for maximum processor compatibility. Better performance is possible by recompiling on newer computers with the -march=native option.

    More details in the Quickstart slide sets.

  • March 28, 2019. Release 18.0.0. Contains a few new modeling capabilities and documentation changes summarized in the Revision History. A major change in the code structure and build process: the free GNU gfortran may be used to re-compile the source code on Linux and MacOS. The WARP3D distribution contains the now free files needed from the Intel MKL library (including the Pardiso solver). Intel Fortran can still be used on Windows, Linux, MacOS to gain improved performance. Intel fortran remains required for Windows at present.

  • September 2018. Release 17.9.1. This release has the major new capability to compute J-integral values in the presence of complex residual strain-stress fields. Numerous other smaller improvements have been included. See Revision History for the complete list including updates to the manual.