These people have contributed to the development of WARP3D and documentation (current affiliation if known):

  • Dr. Brian Healy (WoodGroup, Houston, TX)

  • Dr. Arne Gullerud (Sandia National Laboratory)

  • Dr. Kyle Koppenhoefer (AltaSim Technologies, LLC)

  • Dr. Arun Roy (Defiance Technologies LTD)

  • Dr. Sushovan RoyChowdhury ( GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Sweden)

  • Dr. Jason Petti (Sandia National Laboratory)

  • Dr. Matt Walters (ATK Space Launch Systems)

  • Dr. Barron Bichon (Southwest Research Institute)

  • Dr. Kristine Cochran (Private Consultant)

  • Mr. Adam Carlyle (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

  • Dr. James Sobotka (Southwest Research Institute)

  • Dr. Mark Messner (Argonne National Laboratory)

  • Dr. Greg Thorwald (Quest Integrity Group)

  • Dr. Tim Truster (University of Tennessee - Knoxville )

These organizations provided financial support through grants, contracts and graduate fellowships for research on fracture and fatigue over the past 20 years that led to the increased capabilities in WARP3D. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Research Laboratory, Department of Energy SBIRs, Computational Science & Engineering Fellowship Program, University of Illinois Graduate Fellowship Program, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program,  NASA Graduate Fellowship Program, the M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Fund at the University of Illinois, Quest Integrity, Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus.

WARP3D is the featured open-source code of the Intel Parallel Computing Center at the Ohio Supercomputer Center. Completed in April 2018.