Overview Documents

Complete User Manual (570 pgs, bookmarked PDF, ~20 MB, Updated December 23, 2017)

Current Release of Complete System ( December 23, 2017, Version 17.8.6 )

17.8.6 includes numerous internal updates since 17.8.5  (released September 2017). See Revision History document above.

These distributions include ready-to-run executables (Windows, Linux, MacOS), User & Theory Guide, scripts to run codes, all source code, example problem directories, verification suites, building scripts/instructions ( everything including source text for User Manual and PPTX workflows!)

Most convenient download form:    .zip   or   .tar.gz    format [ ~280 MB each ]

Download to the directory of your choice. Decompression creates one directory with all files.

Example Workflows

  • Document. Run the suite of verification analyses included in the WARP3D distribution
  • Document. Using Cubit to produce a Patran-style neutral file (text) for a model and convert to a WARP3D input file. Also applicable for any software that produces a Patran-style neutral file (Patran, FEMAP, ...)
  • Document. Build an ExodusII (.exo) file from a WARP3D (flat) model description file and flat files of nodal/element result. The very powerful and widely used (free) ParaView software reads .exo files for post-processing.

Note Sets of Interest