Quick Install and Verify 

Follow these directions to quickly install and to run a verification test. Please see the file  README_Windows_Users in the distribution for more detailed discussion.

==> See note below about file: libiomp5md.dll <==



After downloading and decompressing, follow these steps to run an example problem.

1. Open a standard command shell using any technique you know [on Windows 10, enter command in search box at lower left. The Command Prompt shell is at top of list].

2. The example here assumes you have installed the WARP3D distribution in the directory c:\warp3d (shortened name for convenience from the as distributed name warp3d_distribute_...). Change to the small directory of problems to verify proper installation and start execution to run test_18 [crack growth in a SE(B) specimen using Gurson cell elements].

 $ set warp3d="c:\warp3d\run_windows_64\warp3d.exe"
 $ cd c:\warp3d\example_problems_for_READMEs
 $ %warp3d% <test_18a
 $ %warp3d% <test_18b

3. The set command defines a short reference to the WARP3D executable for convenience. Example test_18 computes extensive amounts of ductile crack growth in a model of an SE(B) specimen with the Gurson material model. The mesh has 1 layer of elements in the thickness direction with plane-strain constraints. Part a computes about half the load steps and writes a restart file. Part b resumes the solution using the restart file and completes a total of 60 load steps. Both parts a and b use less than 10-15 secs of wall time.

4. This example assumes the hardware supports at least 4 threads (usually a system with at least 4 cores since 2 threads per core is not optimal for compute heavy jobs). We recommend to NOT use the hyper-threading option on newer machines. Just increase the number of threads above for more capable hardware. 

5. The above command sequence starts WARP3D execution with input taken from the file test_18a. All output is sent to the command shell window. Add:  > test_18_out to re-direct WARP3D output to a file.

Various Windows shell commands can also be placed into a *.bat file to run in batch mode. See the file warp3d_script_windows included in the distribution.

Fix for WARP3D Failing at Startup

On some combinations of Windows OS with and without the Intel Fortran Composer XE system installed, the warp3d.exe included in the directory <warp>/run_windows_64 fails to run with a pop-up message from Windows about "The application program failed to initialize ...".

Fix: rename the file libiomp5md.dll included in the directory <warp>/run_windows_64 to save_libiomp5md.dll